Sol Leon: "Because you deserve a perfect figure"


Sol Leon, is a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry, specialist in shaping garments with worldwide recognition and founder of Sol Beauty and Care.

Marisol López León was born into a hard-working family in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. From the age of seven, she showed a passion and ability for business thanks to the visionary mentality inspired by her father. At the age of thirteen, Sol León discovered the world of shapewear and became an avid consumer of such garments. Her interest was so strong that since that time, she began to collect and wear all kinds of shapewear or Colombian fajas, from different brands.

In the same year, while in high school, Sol León had a sewing class, where she learned how to use a sewing machine. It was at that moment when she started to alter her own garments, always asking herself why there is NOT a shapewear for women with her body type. She has always been a very curvy woman, so she could never find a garment that would fit her particular silhouette. It was then that, without imagining the future that awaited her, when she was just a teenager, she began the creation of her famous Hourglass shapewear.

At the age of eighteen she had her first daughter, Miranda; 5 years later she had her second daughter Luciana. During that time Sol León was still working on the search of each element for the creation of her exclusive line of molding girdles. In the period 2016 - 2018 , Sol León traveled to Colombia to start with the development of "The perfect faja". It was at the end of 2017 when she culminated in the development of her first shapewear garment. Supported and motivated by her husband, in February 2018 she finally managed to start the production and marketing of her own brand of shaping garments called "Sol Beauty and Care". In 2019 the young company took off globally.

Sol León is currently dedicated to revolutionizing the shapewears her company makes, creating not only waist trainers, but also innovative fashion garments with integrated intelligent shaping features.

Meet Sol León mother of Miranda León and Luciana León
Her career banner

At the age of 29, she decided to venture into the world of fashion, specializing her company in shaping garments, thus becoming internationally recognized. Her first highly successful design: The Hourglass waist trainer from Sol Beauty and Care, was made in 2018.

So much was its success that since 2018, the brand is marketed in the 5 continents, has reached over 46 countries and currently has 22 boutiques located in the United States of America and Mexico.


She presented her sports line with great success.


She presented her Jeans line, which was a total success.


She presented her swimwear line, which was also a great success.


She introduced the innovative outerwear line, starting with the incredible LUXURY BOOTY which, as expected, added to the list of successes in her career in the fashion and shaping garment industry.

Sol León presented her sports line with great successSol León presented her shaping Jeans lineSol León presented her body shapping  swimwear lineSol León introduced her outerwear line, starting with the LUXURY BOOTY

Shaping garments

Sol León

has currently positioned Sol Beauty and Care as a luxury shapewear brand. For this reason, Sol León’s social networks, along with its team of influencers have reached 35 million people (@solleon21).

Over time, Sol León has developed different shaping garments that have become internationally recognized. Currently she has created more than 100 models, causing an international stir, highlighting the iconic Hourglass Waistrainer, the only shapewear in the world with 81 sizes available per model (half leg, knee, black, beige, etc.).

Just as the 13-year-old teenager dreamed it up and created it one day, there is now a shapewear for women with her body type and many others.

Sol León entrepreneur and CEO of Sol Beauty and Care and Golden Lion